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Hot poker secrets, learn the art of bluffing, money systems, opening, betting, poker master strategies, casino and amatuer play.

New Poker Variations, New Strategies and Secrets!

Hot Winning Strategies and
Secrets Of A Poker Professional

Learn The Art Of Bluffing, Money Systems, Opening and Betting...

poker texas holdem chips chip card 21 blackjack black jack game online flush hands rules party tournament turnament craps casino las vegas nevada casino atlantic cityMost people think that in order to play poker professionally, you just need to be a great player. After you read this book and put into practice it's principles, you'll find yourself winning consistently at poker. You'll learn the art of bluffing, money systems, opening, betting.

Here under one cover are listed the habits of clear and logical reasoning and a unique ability to always make the right decisions. All sorts of poker variations are discussed along with strategies and rules for assessing your opponents.

Poker is a complex game and it is a people game, and you will encounter a lot of unique situations that cannot be covered by a simple chart. We are sure you'll enjoy discovering the secrets of how to play a winning game of poker! Great book for both veteran and novice players.

"This book has turned my Friday night game completly around. I'm winning a lot of money!! Wish it were written 25 years ago. Sensational to say the least..."

This guide is well-written, excellently organized, highly informative,
very accurate... A needed Gem for every poker players arsenal.

Poker Master Secrets: How To Play Poker Like A Professional : Only $14.98
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